Nottingham UK: Joshua Bradley death:Three Muslims charged

Joshua Bradley from Bulwell died after the fight on Sunday

Joshua Bradley from Bulwell died after the fight on Sunday

Three men arrested after a city centre fight which led to the death of a man have been charged and are due to appear in court

Muhamad Adnan, 22, of Middleton Boulevard, Nottingham, Callum Levi Ibrahim, 22, of Belfry Way, Edwalton and Azeem Khan, 28, of no fixed address, will be at Nottingham Magistrates Court on Tuesday morning.

The arrests were made following a fight in Thurland Street, just before 4am on Sunday morning, in which Joshua Bradley from Bulwell died as a result.

The news of the charges comes as one of the last photos taken before the 19-year-old’s death has emerged. 

The family’s neighbours in Astwood Close, Bilborough, remembered Josh as a “lovely lad” who was passionate about boxing.

A worker at the nearby Premier Shop, on Chingford Road, said: “I saw Josh’s dad yesterday morning.

chingford road nottinghamCapture

Premier Shop, on Chingford Road,Nottingham

“He was just broken – everyone around the area is, Josh was a good lad, who was into his boxing.”

Josh, who had moved to Bulwell, won the English Schoolboy Championships aged 14 and was considered “one of the best” fighters to come out of Benny’s Boxing Club, when it was based in Nuthall Road, Nottingham.

Head coach Kevin Sheehan said: “He was the first lad to win a championship for Benny’s Boxing Club.

“We knew him from about 12. He was just a quiet lad. I can’t believe it’s happened. “You wouldn’t think butter would melt in his mouth – he kept himself to himself.”

Josh later fought for Bilborough Community Amateur Boxing Club.

Bilborough Community Amateur Boxing Club.

Bilborough ABC’s head coach, Pat Ricketts, described the teenager as “well-loved and well thought of”, with many younger boxers looking up to him.

Mr Ricketts said: “It’s just a massive shock.

“He would just do anything for you. I haven’t got a bad word to say about him – he was hard-working. A lot of kids looked up to him because he did well as a youngster.

Mr Ricketts said Mr Bradley had done a design course, but had recently been working in a hotel.

Ekow Essuman, who trains at Bilborough Gym and is part of the British Lionhearts amateur boxing team, said Josh had planned to do a course on video game design.

“Josh was a very influential character at the gym because he was there a long time and had enjoyed success at national level,” he said.

“I am still coming to terms with it myself because I only found out last night what happened and the news really shocked me.

“I got to know his family quite well and I want to send them some love.

“Josh was very passionate and was just about to do a course on video game design because that was something he wanted to get into.

“It is incredibly sad what has happened.”

A Facebook page has been set up in memory of Josh, called Josh Bradley RIP, and by yesterday afternoon it had more than 120 members.

On Josh’s own Facebook page, his heartbroken friends left messages of condolence.

Tony Truman wrote: “R.I.P dude, I remember speaking to you just a few days ago, such a shock!”

Diane De Klerk Solomon wrote: “Such tragedy and loss of a beautiful, kind, gentle young man.”

Last night a spokesman for Nottinghamshire Police said: “Four men, aged 28, 24, and two 22-year-olds, remain in police custody on suspicion of murder.

“A 19-year-old man and a 20-year-old man arrested on suspicion of affray have been released on bail. A 23-year-old man has been bailed after he was arrested on suspicion of murder.”


Three men have appeared in court in connection with the fight which cost the life of Josh Bradley at the weekend.

Muhamad Adnan, 22, of Middleton Boulevard, Nottingham, Callum Ibrahim, 22, of Belfry Way, Edwalton and Azeem Khan, 28, also Belfry Way appeared before Nottingham Magistrates’ Court charged with violent disorder.

All three men entered no pleas to the allegation which relates to a city centre brawl in Thurland Street at around 4am on Sunday.

Josh Bradley, who died on Sunday

Josh Bradley, who died on Sunday

It ended in the death of Josh, 19, of Bulwell.

Prosecutor Sanjay Gerath said the offence was very serious with a fatality, so it was a matter for the crown court.

The court heard another man is still being questioned on suspicion of murder aftern Josh’s death.

Adnan, who wore a black T-Shirt and black trousers, and Ibrahim and Khan who both wore white T-shirts and black trousers spoke only to confirm their name, age and address.

Members of Ibrahim’s family sat in the public gallery throughout the proceedings which lasted almost two hours.

Chairman of the magistrates bench Larissa Parkinson refused all three men bail. They were remanded in custody to appear at Nottingham Crown Court via videolink on February 24.

A 23-year-old has been bailed on suspicion of murder, and two men aged 19 and 20 arrested on suspicion of affray were also bailed.


source : Nottingham Post



    • Carol

      Yes there was Kay, would have been the same if had been Irish, scots blah, these Muslim ARSEHOLES are using a peaceful,lwell supposed to be, religion to cause racial hatred and they hide behind it take the benefits every week, if that wasn’t in place half of em wouldn’t be here anyway…. , sounds like your another do gooder, they prob would have sorted you out if you’d been passing at the time… they think women are shit second class citizens, what a shambles this world is all over POXY religion total disgusted another young man murdered for fuck all …….

  1. kay

    Was there any need to put ”three muslims” you could of said three youths three asian men three men but no to cause racial divide and hatred you choose to put muslim attackers as the title. Next time a cristian commits a murder will you report it as christian murderers etc? No you wont.
    Should be ashamed of yourselves really.

    • paulywido

      I have been expecting one such inane comment as yours!
      There is always an ill informed lefty or Moslem apologist who tries to make excuses for these animals!
      Quite frankly I consider such as yourself as part of the problem.
      And by the way it cannot be classed as a racist issue because moslems are NOT A RACE!…… They are part of an evil and disgusting political ideology that promotes death and violence, the denigration of women and sees nothing wrong in sexually violating young children!
      Please feel free to browse over 4,000 articles ,I think you will also find articles that are critical of Christianity and non moslem perverts.
      I don’t know of any non-moslems called Muhamad ,Ibrahim or Kazeem…do you?

      • carol

        I agree wholeheartedly with you Paul she’s on their side obviously no normal Christian would say what she did if a ,white person kills someone they print the name of them and show pictures of the culprit those muslims are barbaric Savage’s walking over the body of an infant And I mean standings on his little body and walking up and down him next to him was a young girl about 6 her body on the floor her head in the muslim’s hand read what they do watch the news if you still feel the same your a Muslim

      • tiggy

        Yawn! It depends if people identify themselves as Muslim, attend a mosque etc. It would be a huge rarity to find 3 Christian men beating somebody up. It is really boring and not accurate when people label white people in the west as Christian. Most of us have no religion and never attend a church. White people commit crimes but very few are actually Christian. Very few would commit a crimes as part of jihad, in the name of their god and praise him afterwards. The few that have have quite rightly been labelled as nutters or have been part of a cult much like Islam. White criminals do not normally delibrately seek out people of other colours or religions, unlike Muslims.

      • d

        1st of all every religion has its fucked up people reppin them. Yh its sad a next ute iz dead. But my question is wat started this drama…….all involved did not reach town wiv intentions ov brukkin up n e one. Shit happens but on this occasion a life was lost rip ….but to say it was a racial attack wiv no actual evidence ur actual self then boy u jus trying a ting and the person who said next time a Christian commits a crime …….we all shud highlight it was a hate crime. An let’s see wat peepz av fi say. Again rip da ute

    • Fred Browning

      They usually do put 3 Asians but Asia is a hell of a big continent and it would be unfair to have Japanese,Chines etc blamed for the wrongdoings of Cowardly Muslim Gangs!.Get the Picture??.

      • paulywido

        Fred, South or Central Asian wouldn’t be quite as bad , but one would hope that journalists would be better informed than to use the term’Asian’ as representative of moslem Asians as a whole…….…it is time the Polititical Correctness nonsense ceased and lets get back to calling Pakistanis ,Pakistanis and China-men,China-men….. call a spade a spade and not a ‘digging tool’ for goodness sake!!!

    • vdub

      KAY no photos , and you assume these Muslims are Asian , religion is not race , you should be ashamed ! , three people attacking one they should be ashamed , Paul you are spot on

    • alsion

      does it really mater what they put, a young lad had died because they went out and killed him simple as that. they deserve hanging for taking someone ells life from them.

    • Jason Swift

      Muslim isn’t a race , and Winston Churchill once said that Islam in a man is like Rabbies in a dog , can anyone honestly say that he was wrong ?

    • lukefossil

      So Kay is concerned that they reported the men as 3 Muslims . Someone has been murdered and you are concerned about that . People deserve to know the facts . I am 60 years old and from the age of 8 I have been reading of Muslims killings almost everyday of my life . I cannot believe that all the civilized countries have allowed so many Muslims to immigrate . No good can come of this , and in fact we are all seeing evidence of that all over the world . Crawl out from under your rock .

  2. adam

    So a group of them vs one lad !!!!! That’s fair ain’t it ? Can I ask where was other people ? Standing by watching ? There must have been witnesses, the world’s gone to pot

  3. peace

    First of all, may God guide you all. Second, you cannot blame all Muslim’s for being bad. Everyday you hear on the news of a Christian killing someone , a Jew killing someone, a Hindu killing someone, a Buddhist killing someone, an atheist killing someone. Don’t judge people based on their religion, judge them based on an individual’s actions. There are good and bad people in every race and in every religion. There are so many good Muslim’s, Christians, Jew’s, Hindus, Buddhists, and atheists who are always trying to do good, trying to create peace, who love humanity. Most people just want to live normal lives. They are not out to harm anyone.

  4. Lisa

    I get What everyone is saying and how people feel about muslims, but they are not all the same, i live in turkey and married to a turkish man with children. I am not beaten, locked in homes, im not made to cover up nor does he agree with any violence that takes place which people name ‘the Karan ‘ as know where in the karan does it state violence is accepted. There are different types of muslims. I.e the isis they are muslim but my husband thinks they are vile creatures. My children know both english culture and religion and turkish.

    But i agree with the comment does it really matter what they are? They are just evil vile creatures, and a young boy has lost his life!

  5. tyra

    Oh dear…all you lot ranting about the muslims and how you need to get rid…..well….


    Police today have charged a man with the murder of 19-year-old Joshua Bradley.

    Richard Johnson, 24, of Belton Street, Hyson Green, is set to appear at Nottingham magistrates court tomorrow morning (Thursday 12 February).

    Joshua Bradley, of Bulwell, died from injuries sustained during a fight in Thurland Street, just before 4am on Sunday morning (8 February)

    Three other men charged with violent disorder have been remanded into custody.

    • paulywido

      The undeniable fact remains that three moslems have already been charged in connection with the murder and this Richard Johnson is an additional member of the group!

  6. jj

    Will you lot grow up the guy whos been charged with murder is a black african not muslim im white it was nothing todo with race or hate

    • paulywido

      But none the less all the article says is three moslems charged doesn’t say with what and it also mentions a fourth person ,so I assume that is one Richard Johnson.
      Interesting to note that you refer to him as a black African…suffice it to say that Africa has its own moslem murdering mayhem taking place right now …..

    • lukefossil

      It may not have anything to do with race or hate per se , but no good can come from bringing in immigrants who cannot , will not , or have no intention of working . Welfare breeds welfare . A person who has no money and endless free time is going to be up to no good . And is probably going to be angry .

  7. Colin Henderson

    If there was more than two people involved, thought it would be Affray and Murder regardless of who started it. Speaking not as a racist but from my own experience (4/4/1981) Why does it feel that we are not treating Muslims as severely as other religious members of society.

  8. Thomas Moore

    over 3000 muslims protested in london last sunday and 30′ britain first men went to challange them they walked around infront of the war womens monument and kicked the popies lieing by the monument around and the police done nothing till britian first john golding told the police if they dident stop them kicking the popies he and british first would go over and stop them by force so the chief inspector incharge brought the popies away from the muslim if we through paint or a pig over there mosques we would be arrested but muslims get away with raping our kids murdering lie rigby and now killing a young boy joshua when do we as white british people say enough is enough we want muslims out of britain on a plane or in a box you pick ?

  9. Paul

    England gone to the dogs period, it’s disgusting that a English man has no rights or nothing anymore but the scum get away with murder, come one what will they get a nice cell with a PlayStation and sky TV and do half of 14 years even if they get that, all BS we should have the death sentence in UK you kill you get killed. I feel for this guys family.

  10. Steve Raven

    Muslim is not a race.

    In fact Muslim should not even be a religion.

    Muslim should be re-termed as an evil cult.

    I can think of no other cult that promotes the degradation of women and the taking of multiple eight-year old girls as brides, as a ‘right’ via their holy teachings.

    In fact if Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris, and other child molesters had pleaded the case that they were muslim, then they would have technically been innocent of their crimes.

    It is high time that members of this cult were stripped of their ‘political correctness cloak’ and were treated as normal human beings – that is, if you can call child molesting murderers ‘normal human beings’ – and get the full penalty of the law thrown at them.

  11. John

    What has Muslim got to do with it!!!!! They are just pure thugs and criminals full stop! Stop fear mongering you idiots !

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