Written by Paul Austin Murphy / posted in Liberty GB.

According to the latest enquiry into Muslim sexual grooming gangs in Rotherham, at least 1,400 children were subjected to sexual exploitation between 1997 and 2013.

Rotherham Borough Council’s report is the third of three inquiries. The other two were in 2002 and 2006. Both previous enquires explicitly stated that the council and the police were fully culpable and that the extent of the problem “could not have been clearer”.

As yet, no one has been sacked. Council leader Roger Stone has just resigned; he wasn’t sacked.

Think about that. At least 1,400 victims in one northern English town in a period of 16 years. The same kind of thing has of course happened in dozens of other cities and towns throughout England. And in virtually all these cases, the perpetrators were Muslims.


The newspapers are telling us that staff at Rotherham Council feared to identify the fact that the perpetrators were Pakistanis. Yet many people have known that for over twenty years – certainly since 2004. So all we have here is a new acknowledgement of the reality by an English council, not a new acknowledgement of the reality itself.

Many of the newspapers which are now keen to point the finger at Rotherham Council were once part of the problem. National newspapers (as well as regional ones) – on the whole – hardly ever featured these cases. And even when they did, they too would never say that virtually all the perpetrators were Pakistani – never mind that they were Muslims.

The Daily Mail, for example, continues the problem by failing to mention the fact that the perpetrators were overwhelmingly Muslim. How can this – or any – newspaper castigate Rotherham Council when it’s committing the same wrong? The Daily Mail says that it was wrong for councillors, police and social workers to have been afraid of saying that the perpetrators were Pakistani. So why now is this newspaper afraid of saying that they were nearly all Muslims?

The thing is, most sexual groomers in the UK are of Pakistani heritage simply because most Muslims in the UK are of Pakistani heritage. If most Muslims in the UK were Arabic (or north African), then nearly all the offenders would be Arabic (or north African). I’m willing to acknowledge that there may be – in theory at least – slight differences of degree between different Muslim ethnic groups. However, since there is a problem with north African, Somalian and Arabic sexual grooming in Sweden, Norway, France and other European countries, I doubt that the differences between Pakistani Muslims and Arabic/ north African Muslims would be that large.

And this points to one obvious conclusion: the problem is not one of race. It’s one of religion (i.e. Islam) and the culture generated by that religion.

The other important point is that Rotherham Council’s confessions (or self-criticisms) – and even the retroactive actions of the police and newspapers – have all been the result of external outrage. What I mean by that is that councillors, newspapers and the police came to realise that the public at large – at least in the areas affected – was well aware of what was happening and very angry that nothing was being done about it. And only when that outrage (partly as a result of EDL demos and various independent investigations) reached a certain critical mass (roughly in 2010) did councils, the police and newspapers begin questioning their various positions on the massive problem of Muslim grooming gangs in England.

The report’s author, Professor Alexis Jay, says that there had been “blatant” institutional failings by the council’s leadership and that senior managers had “underplayed” the sexual grooming of young girls in Rotherham. In addition, South Yorkshire Police had largely dismissed the problem.

The failings of the council, the underplaying by council managers and the dismissals of the police were mostly to do with politics and little to do with the degree of severity of the problem. More correctly, nearly all of the players were scared stiff of being classed as ‘racist’ by other councillors, police bodies and leftist activist groups.

As the report put it:

“Several staff described their nervousness about identifying the ethnic origins of perpetrators for fear of being thought as racist; others remembered clear direction from their managers not to do so.”

In other words, it was deemed to be far more important to fight against possible and often fictional racism than to fight against the systematic and widespread exploitation of literally hundreds of young girls. All these young girls were sacrificed to the battle against racism; or, more correctly, their suffering was deemed to be a lesser evil than the racism which could have been unleashed by highlighting – or even mentioning – the ethnicity or religious affiliations of the sexual groomers. Thus anti-racism achieved the highest possible rank in the scales of justice.

The fact that all the girls – it can be argued – were selected because of their ethnicity (or race) appears to have bypassed the self-styled anti-racists of Rotherham and beyond. Or to put that another way: racism against Muslim sexual-groomers was deemed a worse crime than racism towards young white females.

The Left, as usual, tied itself up in knots. And those non-leftists who passively swallow the many Marxist/ leftist theories about racism – as many non-Leftists do – did the same.


Sections of the Left will attempt to hide the truth, however it’s offered.

For example, if the Pakistani heritage of the perpetrators is mentioned, the word ‘racism’ will be used. If, on the other hand, the fact that all the offenders were Muslims is mentioned, then – yes, you guessed it – we’ll get the debate-stopper, ‘Islamophobia’, from leftists.

Such people are far more culpable than Rotherham’s councillors (the non-leftist ones). Many councillors simply feared the accusations of racism, whereas these kinds of leftists are the ones who did and still do the accusing. Not only that: many councillors, police and social workers have seen the error of their ways, whereas Trotskyists/ communists/ ‘progressives’ want the situation to remain exactly as it was in the period before 2010 – one of complete and total inaction on Muslim sexual-grooming gangs. Why is that? Because many leftists believe either that action against Muslim grooming gangs is itself racist, or that such action will ‘encourage racism’ (as it’s often put).

Thus the young victims of such sexual grooming were – and still are – very low on the list of worthy leftist causes. At the top of that list is the permanent revolution against often fictional and possible racism.



  1. supajohnny

    Reblogged this on Your Dog Wouldn't Like It and commented:
    If this blindness to the cause of these groomers / Rapists of White and Black girls by Muslims is not stopped with due force and intolerance of the intolerant. There will be, as Enoch Powell said, “rivers of blood”; Muslim and White, on our streets.
    Then when this happens, as it surely will, Cameron, Clegg and Labour(all of them) must be charged and punished with TREASON. The coming hell will only end when there are no more Muslims (Who put Sharia first) and the public hanging of the political cowards who have enabled this atrocity.
    We are supposedly a civilized society, and as such, MUST NOT tolerate the intolerant.

  2. STLloyd

    And it will be that way here in America soon, all in the name of “political correctness”. Not that children are any safer here, just that radical Muslims are at the back of the line for using them, thus far. God reserves His greatest wrath for those who harm and neglect children.

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