Muslims flee Northern Ireland to escape anti-Islam violence

Dublin Mosque is a mosque on the South Circular Road, Dublin in Ireland. It is the headquarters of the Islamic Foundation of Ireland.


Some Muslims in Northern Ireland have announced plans to leave the country to avoid anti-Islamic violence. The announcement comes after an attack on a Muslim family in the city of Belfast, when crazed rioters broke into their home and assaulted them.

The home invasion came after remarks from Belfast based Pastor James McConnell, who said in a sermon “The God we worship and serve this evening is not Allah. The Muslim god-Allah-is a heathen deity. Allah is a cruel deity. Allah is a demon deity.” He later added that Islam is “a doctrine spawned in hell.”

Full sermon here:-

pastor james mcconnell imagebot

Hospitalization was required for at least one of the victims. 

A second attack occurred only hours later, also resulting in injuries. Victims told the Northern Ireland News Letter “The victim’s friend, who had been cleaning up the broken glass outside the house after an attack earlier that day, said those involved in the attack had called the pair ‘dirty Arabs’ and ‘Paki b******s.’”

The term “Paki” is viewed as a racial slur in Europe , particularly when directed at individuals of Pakistani descent (or of a similar appearance to those who come from Pakistan). The News Letter reports a young woman and a middle aged man have been arrested in connection with the attacks.

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  1. Jean Henri Laprime

    Interestingly enough, I’ve often heard acquaintances who were of Pakistinian descent describe themselves, or others, as “Pakis”. I guess this is the new “N” word, acceptable for use only by those of that heritage?

    • paulywido

      I have a Pakistani Christian friend who does not find the term at all offensive.
      It seems only Muslims find the term truly offensive but then they choose to be the
      perpetual victims……

  2. peter

    Interesting how the press is all over this. These poor Muslims being victimized, yet there are thousands, yes thousands of Christians in Muslim countries being victimized and Murdered. So what doe’s our press do ?? They stick there fingers in there ears and go la la la la la Because all they are, are puppets to our Marxist “leaders”. When the tide turns, and it will, they had all best run for the hills.

    • paulywido

      I am just happy to see them on the run !
      Perhaps we on the mainland need to get our own ‘Pied Piper’ in the guise of a good old fashioned hell-fire preacher?

    • Thomas Allen

      The home invasion came after remarks from Belfast based Pastor James McConnell, who said in a sermon “The God we worship and serve this evening is not Allah. The Muslim god-Allah-is a heathen deity. Allah is a cruel deity. Allah is a demon deity.” He later added that Islam is “a doctrine spawned in hell.”

      Yes; Here we have a Demon at work with their very words of ignorance that breeds Ignorance. Yes: It’s true A Man of Ignorance can breed Wars of Man! there are over 4200 religions in this world, All story book for others to hate.. So Let the Haters Begin! If it wasn’t something religious it would be of skin color or a political party. My Question is; When is this all going to turn into a War of People of Age?? Or Eye Color??

  3. Kim Watson

    sad thing about this is that most Muslim people also live in fear of Taliban and denounce the extremist groups, There are many hard working people just like you and I who happen to come to our country to build a better life. I think its terrible what was done to this family.

    • paulywido

      No excuse whatsoever for such behaviour Kim ,it makes their attackers no better than the extremists they abhor.
      However it is undeniable that the so called moderates ,who incidentally are purportedly in the majority,fail to control the radical minority in their midst.
      When in fact they do denounce radicals ,vociferously and publicly, then perhaps I will start to believe there is such a thing as a moderate Muslim.
      Until that time I will continue to regard them as being as mythical as the tooth fairy!

      • Kim B

        Although I concur with you wholeheartedly, I watched ‘Lone Survivor’ based on a true story. Take away the hollywierd spin and at the end a tribe in the mtns. of
        Afghanistan did indeed save this last soldier alive. This was the comment that gave me more faith that they DO want our help: “Afghan villagers who protected Marcus did so out of duty to their 2000 year old code of honor, known as Pashtunwali. Pashutunwali requires a tribe to undertake the responsibility of safe guarding an individual against his enemies and protecting him at all costs. These brave men and women still thrive today in the harsh mtns. of Afghanistan and their fight against the Taliban continues”.

      • paulywido

        Pashtunwali code has its roots in their ancient culture and not in religion as it is often misunderstood in West. It predates their conversion to Islam during seventh century. It does not matter from which social strata of society a Pashtun belongs to, he has to adapt to the code if he wants to be respected in tribal ethos. They follow the code religiously and those who try to shun it away become disconnected and pariah.
        On the contrary the Taliban is comprised mainly of various sub divisions of these very same Pashtun tribes…..

    • Kim B

      Although violence begets more violence and I don’t condone it, but perhaps Ireland is trying to thwart off what is going on in other countries as these muslim go to countries to ‘change’ the laws to suit their own. There is much turmoil and destruction in the aftermath. If one cannot ‘When in Rome do as the Romans do’ than they should stay where their belief system is adhered to, but not welcome in countries who have a different way of life…plan and simple assimilate to the country of your choice or stay where you are…

  4. peter crompton

    its up to the good muslims,if its possible to be a good muslim,with all the talk of murdering christians in their so called good book,to sort the extremists out,itis a sick religeon,how can they not see this,how can anyone teach their children to slaughter other religions

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