*Video* Muslim Woman Beats 9 Year-Old Girl With Hammer


hammer blood Capture

(Oakland, CA)  A Muslim mother attacked a 9-year-old unrelated girl in an Oakland area elementary school restroom, using a hammer on the child as her weapon.

Haseemah Diame has been arrested and now faces assault with a deadly weapon charges after allegedly attacking the third-grader at Lafayette Elementary School.

Lafayette Elementary School

 Oakland Unified School District officials say the woman concealed the hammer until she lured the third grader into the restroom and struck her body several times.

“She was able to lure this other girl away from the play yard during recess into an adjacent bathroom there by the school. Once in the bathroom, Diame proceeded to assault the girl with a hammer,” school District Spokesman Troy Flint said.

Diame has a child that attends the school and was at the school that day to volunteer.

Although the reason for the attack is not entirely known, it’s been speculated that it may have been the result of a feud with another family, according to the district’s spokesperson.

“It may have something to do with rivalries and feuds that occur off campus spilling over onto the site,” said Flint.

After the student had gone missing and could not be accounted for by her teacher, another teacher and school security guard went in search for the child.  This is when they discovered the assault upon checking the bathroom for the girl.

The student sustained serious bodily injuries and was hospitalized.

source: Mad World



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