“Easy Meat”: Multiculturalism, Islam and Child Sex Slavery

The Law and Freedom Foundation of ‘mosque buster’ lawyer Gavin Boby has just published a comprehensive report on the UK grooming gangs. Entitled “Easy Meat – Multiculturalism, Islam and Child Sex Slavery”, the report examines in detail:

• What these gangs do

• The chronology of the problem

• Institutional failure and the abuse of the narrative of racism

• The Islamic cultural background

• The scale of the problem.

by: Peter McLoughlin

This is a shocking report. It is written with care, but the evidence is hard to believe. Readers should beware, because there is something to feel angry about on most pages: the prevalence of the crime; the length of time that it has continued; its blatancy; the lengths our authorities have gone to in order to cover up for it;but most of all, the vulnerability and suffering of the victims.

That anger is going to spread as awareness of this crime spreads. Denial and damage limitation won’t work any more.

It is hard to think of something more calculated to incite public violence than the targeting of native girls for rape by an immigrant population. The use of inter communal rape in the most savage territorial conflicts testifies to its perception as a weapon, and the fear of it evokes the most primal instincts.

And this is the basis for our plea to our civil authorities to stamp out this crime by any lawful means: if the suffering of the victims can’t motivate you, then consider the threat to your grip on power.
Vigilante violence disables its own society, and is one of the short-cuts from Queen’s peace to all-against-all.

The self-appointed doer of justice tears a hole in the entire fabric of the law. He is accountable to no one, and if his violence can be inflicted on child rapists then thieves and debtors will be next.
The danger of vigilante justice.

Let me tell a story, some hypothetical events to illustrate how quickly power can spin out of the authorities’ hands.
It may be argued that the situation is too violent, but violence is what happens when ethnic hostility meets civil disorder. I have tried to underplay the descriptions, to assuage the sensitive. I hope the passage of time won’t reproach me for failing to point out the dangers in clear enough words.

Click to access Easy-Meat-Multiculturalism-Islam-and-Child-Sex-Slavery-05-03-2014.pdf


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