Islamic Invasion Of Swansea Gathers Pace! : Mosque Plan On Target

mosque in swanseaCapture

St. Andrews United Reform Church ,St.Helen’s Rd.,Swansea…site of proposed Mosque

Plans to convert a landmark city church into a mosque and community centre are more than half way there,with 66 per cent of the funds needed having been already raised by donations (Sadqa-e-Jariya) and fundraising events organised by the wider Muslim community and no doubt with additional outside help,possibly from Saudi Arabia.

Charity group ,the Swansea Mosque and Islamic Community Centre has raised a total of £1,060,997 so far,with an ultimate goal of £1,600,000 .

swansea islamic centreCapture

The group has plans to demolish the apse at St.Andrews United Reform Church on St.Helen’s Road,and create a three-storey extension, with a basement.

artist impression5966755538_9428fc9d22_z

Artists impression of the completed project (view from George Street)

This area at the rear of the building will be turned into a community centre . The rest of the 148 year old grade two listed building will become a mosque…..yards away from an Islamic centre and another mosque ,in St. Helens Road!

islamic centre Capture


Swansea Mosque,St. Helens Rd.

As can clearly be seen from the artist’s impression of the finished article,it is hardly the most ideal siting for a busy mosque and community centre. The original church was built in the days when very few people had cars and parking and traffic would not have been a consideration . How in heaven’s name was planning permission granted under such circumstances that prevail in modern times?

swansea mosque proposal Capture

St. Andrews was originally founded in 1862,built by a sizeable and thriving community of Scottish immigrants working in the drapery trade.Designed by John Dickson,the iconic facade,with it’s decorative twin towers,makes it one of the most imposing buildings in the city,but it has unfortunately laid derelict since the 1980’s and has fallen into disrepair.

It is distressing to realise that Swansea Christians are in part to blame for this assault on our culture . Lack of Christian faith and commitment led to the demise of this once most beautiful building.

Most importantly,where were the protesters and the petitioners when this aberration was in the planning permission stage?

Oh yes,there were objections and there was a demonstration by the local defence league ,but it was badly organised ,poorly advertised and about as well attended as the derelict St.Andrew’s United Reform Church!


no more mosques 2 Capture



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  2. adam

    this is britian not Pakistan ? Mosques wernt invented in Pakistan and Islam is a multi cultural religion with Asians, blacks, whites every race u name it. Christianity came from the middle east, so did Islam .. Christianity isn’t a British religion if we cant have mosques here why should churches be allowed?? Christianity came from the arabs.

    • paulywido

      Islam is Multi racial, not multicultural Adam… is requires itself to be the dominant ideology (culture) with non muslims submitting …the word ISLAM means submission (from Arabic ‘islām ‘submission’, from ‘aslama ‘submit ).
      Conversely, try building a church in Saudi and see how far you get and how long you keep your head….. Incidentally, just as the state religion in Pakistan is Islam ,so the state religion of Britain is Christianity, the Church of England, and before that the church in Rome dictated religious practices in this country.
      Where Christianity originated is inconsequential, the fact is that we don’t want or need the political ideology called Islam that masquerades as a religion and causes murder and mayhem wherever it is practiced.

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