Goals 4 Gaza V The Amelia Mae Foundation Charity Football Tournament


On 29th July Tommy Robinson announced that the venue where the English Defence League had arranged to have a charity football tournament for the Amelia-Mae Foundation had cancelled the event after it was blackmailed by anti-EDL clients. The above image shows the email received from the venue. It has since been discovered that the same venue is hosting the charity tournament “Goals 4 Gaza” on 26 August with proceeds going to the Ummah Welfare Trust (UWT).

(41) Amelia-Mae Davies Neuroblastoma Foundation



In recent years, the UWT has been exposed for funding the terrorist organisation Hamas via charity front groups Interpal and the al Salah Society. It also has links with Luton’s ‘Discover Islam Centre’. It is appalling that the EDL is considered so controversial that it can’t even hold a charity event for children with neuroblastoma yet a tournament raising funds for a terrorist organisation is perfectly acceptable. We call on the venue to cancel “Goals 4 Gaza” immediately.

The UWT gives money to Interpal, an organisation which is banned in the United States, Canada and Australia for its support of the ‘Palestinian’ terror group Hamas. Interpal contributes funds to the Union for Good, an umbrella organisation which oversees 56 different Islamic charities. The U.S. Treasury Department has designated the Union for Good a terrorist entity saying it “facilitates the transfer of tens of millions of dollars a year to Hamas-managed associations in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.”  Lloyds TSB closed Interpal’s bank account after its links to Islamic terrorism became clear. The and found that Interpal funding had helped build Hamas into the violently powerful organisation it is today.

BBC NEWS | UK | Charity link to Hamas investigated

Interpal | Stand for Peace

After the airing of the BBC programme, the Charity Commission, the governmental body charged with regulating charitable organisations, investigated Interpal and found that while it had not directly funded Hamas, “Our report does not give the charity a clean bill of health.” The Commission ordered Interpal to immediately disassociate itself with the the Union of Good whose director, Dr. Yusuf Qaradawi, is a senior member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Qaradawi has advocated the killing of Israeli women and children and glorified suicide attacks against non-Muslims.


While the Commission may have found that Interpal had not directly funded Hamas terror operations, the tangled web of Hamas’ charitable front groups makes it so that organisations wishing to fund terrorism in the disputed Palestinian territories do not have to go to great lengths to put distance between themselves and jihad. The ‘financial flow chart’ is sufficiently confusing to throw off the Charity Commission, but in the end all monies funnel through Hamas. The Commission also admits that while it was unable to navigate the twists and turns of the Hamas-funding maze, due to the fact that persistent violence in Gaza and the West Bank makes on-the-ground verification extremely dangerous, it was also unable to consider or verify the ample video footage provided by Panorama showing rallies of Interpal-funded charities in which children were goaded into exclaiming their love for suicidal jihad while dancing to songs which sang, “Fasten your bomb belt oh would-be martyr and fill the square with blood.”

The UWT also funds Hamas front group the al Salah Society. The U.S. Treasury Department has deemed the al Salah Society a Hamas front group, saying: “Hamas has used the al Salah Society… to finance its terrorist agenda.” It has also said that al Salah directly funded combat operations against Israel during the First Intifada. Many al Salah leaders hail from Hamas’ military wing. Senior Hamas spokesman Ismael Abu Shanab admitted to Salon Magazine, “Of course Salah [is] identified with us… We see it more as a means of extending the lifespan of the intifada.”

To understand why Goals 4 Gaza has decided to fund the terrorist organisation Hamas, one must understand the Islamic concept of zakat. Zakat, one the five pillars of Islam, is the Qu’ran-mandated practice of donating one-fifth of one’s income to charity. There are eight qualifying forms of zakat, two of which are diyya and fi sabilillah. Diyya is the payment one gives to secure the freedom from slavery or oppression of a fellow Muslim. In the Palestinian context, this would constitute payments to those who are fighting against the perceived aggressor, Israel. Thus money donated under the principle of diyya could justifiably go to fund anti-Israeli terror operations conducted by Hamas. Fi Sabilillah is another term for jihad- it means “God’s work, including warfighting.” Whilediyya seeks to free oppressed Muslims, fi sabilillah is an effort to fund the forcible expansion of Islam. Thus, funding Hamas’ effort to “wipe Israel off the map” and replace it with an Islamic republic would fall under the Qu’ranic principle of fi sabilallah.

English: Interpal Charity - Leeds Road

Interpal Charity – Leeds Road (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is abundantly clear that Goals 4 Gaza intends to donate money to an organisation which funds terror operations in Israel and the disputed territories. It is unconscionable that the same venue which refused an EDL charity tournament would turn about-face and host an event whose proceeds would fund jihad against Israel. The venue may have been worried that its anti-EDL clients might withdraw their accounts, but it should be far more concerned about facilitating the funding of terrorism. It is for this reason that we adamantly demand the cancellation of the Goals 4 Gaza tournament. To not do so is to be complicit in Hamas-orchestrated terrorism.

If the tournament is not cancelled then we intend to demonstrate outside the venue. We will be meeting at 10am in Stopsley Village on the morning of the 26th (of August). Further information will be released nearer the time on Tommy’s twitter page

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