Islam and Inbreeding…

The practice of interfamily mariage is still relatively common among Arabs because of the structure of the Arabic soceity. Nomadic people (Bedouins) do not really have the chance to mix with others. They are organized in tribes based on common ancestry, and when it comes to marriage, the only opportunity is to inbreed (Teebi, 1993).

This social structure is common in the Arabic desert in countries like Kuwait. On the other hand, among the agricultural communities, inbreeding also commonly takes place but for different reasons. There it is favored because it ensures the unity of lands.

Inheritance of land by males and females is kept within the same family, and this is of great importance for peasants because small pieces of land are inefficient in agricultural economies. This pattern is common among Lebanese, Egyptians, Palestinians, and Jordanians (Klat et al., 1984).

The consequence of consanguinity in the Arabic population is worse than typical. Although Arabs are usually identified as Caucasians, modern Arabic populations especially in Egypt, Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon, are the result of a long history of blending with different human races (Der Kalustian et al., 1980). Arabs, Africans, Europeans, and other Asian people intermarried during wars, mass migrations, trade and religious practices (pilgrimage).

All in all, this kind of “out breeding” rendered Arabic populations more susceptible to genetic disorders when comes to consanguinity; because out breeding introduced different deleterious recessive alleles common among other populations beside those alleles already common among Arabs.

Muslim outrage as professor Steve Jones warns of ‘inbreeding’ risks | Mail Online

And regardless of the reasons behind it, there has to be an effort at least in the medical field and population genetics to evaluate the situation. There is a lack of research and information concerning the problem.

It is not possible to find the frequencies of endemic genetic disease in a condition like Thalassemia, because genetic screening has to become both available and mandatory for affected families.

Finally, premarital genetic counseling could be of great importance in helping young couples understand the high risk associated with consanguineous marriages..

But with lack of censure and even encouragement from religious leaders it would seem that this is not a practice that is likely to disappear in the near future…

The Muslim world it would seem is rife with superstistion and excuses in an attempt to explain the problem away!

Yet they insist on continuing the irresponsible practice even when they become part of an enlightened society….

muslim inbreeding Capture

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    • paulywido

      Thank you !
      I will probably be adding to the article ,but I was blocked from such a lot of material that the small amount I posted was hard work!
      I do try to update when new material becomes available.
      thanks again!…Paul.

  1. MaxxWiskers

    Inbreeding is the main root driver for most problems in the Islamic world which almost never gets directly addressed in common media. These inbreeding practices predate Islam.

    Enforcement of inbreeding is the main purpose of morality police agencies with names like “the committee for the propagation of virtue and the prevention of vice”. Across the Islamic world drug smuggling, distribution, etc is usually dealt with by more secular oriented police agencies. Places like an underground nightclub with mixing with non relatives and intoxicants is a very big threat to inbreeding hence vigorous enforcement. A bunch of young guys smoking heroin, who cares. Exceptions to non related male female mixed venues are sometimes possible if such a place very strictly excludes local Muslims.

    The potential of mixing with non relatives happens in larger towns and cities. Anyone attempting to create a public spaces like a beach would very quickly upset the morality police demanding it be shut down. Morality police enforce the wearing of the hijab or berka, ensure child bearing age women are being escorted by a male blood-relative in public places, arresting women for violating the dress code or prohibiting any non related male-female fraternization. This is operationally enforcing inbreeding.

    An even stranger twist of enforced inbreeding with its the strict prohibition of non relative male female contact is it is replaced with homosexual pedophilia like bacha bazi.

    There are common white stereotypes of inbreeding. Remember the Hatfields and Mccoys? Yep inbreed violent degenerates killing each other and anyone who crossed there path. Its the same story in the across the Muslim world on a broader scale with local, religious and sudo-state support.

    Many of these sudo-states have never actually been unified in the common era, they are a collection of inbred, often degenerate, clannish fiefdoms. When Cleopatra was queen, Egypt was already finished. Cleopatra is much closer in time to us today in the 21’st century than she was to its founders. Yes Egypt was at one time number one in the world. But millenniums of inbreeding can reduce even the greatest. There are other ancient civilizations but again there were many many millenniums ago. You can see a stark contrast with in-bred Palestinians and out-bred Jews who both originated in the same area.

    The power of these sudo-state central governments greatly decreases with distance from the capitol. Whoever winds up in power uses there position to enrich their clan at the expense of others. These governments operate more as clannish a kleptocracy. To actually operate as a transparent meritocracy would be condemned by all!

    Most people don’t understand the great civilizing effects the early church had instead only focus on the abuses of the late middle ages. The early church made it unlawful to practice parallel cousin marriage and encouraged out-breeding to other clans.

    The current condition of these sudo-states makes it impossible to operate like a modern country like Japan, USA, Switzerland or Israel. One possible way forward is the natural partitioning that’s already happening. Portions of these sudo-states have not been inbreeding and are more fit. They are already clearly adapting to a more modern lifestyle with all its benefits and reduced violence.

    Inbreeding without question causes health degeneration and lower IQ. Muslims often practice inbreeding. The medical facts are denied, the race card gets played, and aggressive religious BS. Of coarse its immoral not to directly address this.

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