Love Him Or Hate Him But Piers Morgan Conducted ‘The Weirdest Interview Of [His] Life’ With The Freed Ricin Suspect

Piers Morgan Ricin suspect interview


 The investigation into the mailing of poisonous letters to a U.S. Senator and President Barack Obama took a bizarre twist Tuesday, as an Elvis impersonator had charges against him dropped. After he was released, Paul Kevin Curtis suggested that he might have been set up.

Curtis went further in an interview with CNN‘s Piers Morgan Tuesday night, which Morgan called bizarre and “the weirdest of my life.”

“It took four hours for me to become educated and informed of the actual charge,” Curtis said. “I heard the word ‘ricin‘ for the first time in my life by a federal agent while being for four hours while being interrogated. I thought he said ‘rice‘ for about an hour.

“I said, ‘I don’t even eat rice, usually. I’m not even a rice lover.'”

Curtis said that he thinks he has been set up by someone in particular, but he didn’t name the person on Morgan’s show. Federal authorities searched the home of J. Everett Dutschke, 41, on Tuesday.

Curtis thanked his lawyer for clearing him in the case, using a bizarre analogy to do so.

“In the jungle of law in court, you have monkeys, you have kangaroos, and you have lions,” Curtis said. “She was the lion queen. She was just amazing.”

How Morgan summed up the interview and the overall story: “This story has Elvis, rice, ricin, jungles. It’s got it all.”

Watch the clip below, via CNN:



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