Persecution of Christians Across the World in the 21st Century.

A selection of videos and images ,as witness to the atrocities and suffering of followers of Our Lord Jesus Christ across the world . Some of the images may be hard to look at ,some of the videos difficult to watch ,but they are a testament to the courage and fortitude of devout Christians and to their strength in the knowledge of the life hereafter .

This is just the very tip of a huge iceberg in the catalog of suffering endured by Christians the world over and a warning of the evil sweeping our lands … a portent of what is to come if we sit idly by and let it happen in front of our very eyes!

 Some 100 million people throughout the world are suffering persecution for their Christian beliefs.

This is borne out by recent events in Egypt and Sudan, where people are being denied respect for their human dignity simply because they believe in Christ. The victims are mainly children, women and elderly people.

At a recent meeting with journalists in Warsaw, Bishop Macram Max Gassis of the diocese of El Obeid in South Sudan asked for help for persecuted Christians in Sudan. As a result of the persecution he has even been forced to abandon his episcopal seat and go into hiding with fellow Christians.

Where God Weeps – Sudan

There is an ever increasing religious intolerance between northern Sudan and the south. Freedom of worship is guaranteed as a principle of government, but in the north citizens are subject to Shari’a Islamic law. Breaking this law can lead to corporal punishment including mutilation of limbs. But the main problem for Christians and other non-Muslims is the strict ban on apostasy. In theory, offences of this kind carry the death penalty. The problems are compounded by the vulnerability of many Christians.  In Khartoum, hundreds of thousands live in displacement camps having escaped the south during the civil war of 1983-2004. Church leaders in the south also repeatedly claim that the Khartoum government is intent on Islamization.

Christian Persecution in Sudan

Non Muslims Burned Alive and Mutilated by Islamic Radicals

                  Sudanese Christians burned to death 


The struggle of Pakistan’s Christians

Christians in today’s Pakistan (2% of the population) have paid a high price for being in the minority. In Islamabad, the capital, a community of 5,000 of them live in extreme poverty, literally walled-off from the rest of society.

Pakistani Christians humiliated in Pakistan

Christians in Danger – Pakistan


Where God Weeps: Christians in Egypt.

“For both Christian and Muslim youth the Arab Spring fostered hopes for greater democracy and respect for human rights. Recently, however, increasing sectarian violence and a rise in fundamentalist voices calling to establish Egypt as an Islamic state are dimming these hopes and isolating Christians. This new political shift combined with Islamist militant violence, opens a dark new chapter on Egypt’s post revolution future. Should Egypt become a full-fledged religious state governed by Shar’ia law, Egyptian Christians would confront a stark choice: submission to ever-greater religious persecution or emigration. The question facing the world’s political leaders, however, is another: with Egyptian Christians numbering eight million, the risk of aggression begetting aggression could engender a spiral of sectarian violence destabilizing Egypt and the whole of the Middle East.For Christians in the Middle East, the prophecy of Jesus Christ is lived out every day: ‘If anyone wants to follow me, let him take up his Cross’. And this Cross is heavy, because it touches not only the individuals, but entire families

Christian Persecution in Egypt

Persecution Against Coptic Christians in Egypt



Nigeria is constitutionally a secular state with freedom of religion. But the northern ruling elite give preferential treatment to Muslims and discriminate against Christians. Little has been done to stem the growth of violent Islamist groups or to stop persecution of Christians in the north, resulting in hundreds of churches burned and many Christians killed. Since 1999, Muslim state leaders have imposed Shariah law in 12 northern states and parts of four others.

The scale of persecution of Christians by Muslims has accelerated in Nigeria’s northern states and as far south as the central plateau. It has caused the death of thousands, including pastors, and the destruction of hundreds, even thousands, of churches.

December 2010 was a particularly deadly month for Nigerian Christians. Fulani Muslims attacked a village in Plateau state, killing seven and injuring four. Christmas Eve attacks in and around Jos killed 31 and left more than 70 were injured. In Borno state, a Baptist pastor and five other Christians were killed when militants set fire to a church and detonated bombs out front of it. In January 2010, an outbreak of riots in Jos left 300 dead. Ten churches were burned down. A similar night attack in Dogo Nahawa in March 2010 left more than 500 dead.

”Convert,Leave Or Die” – Islamic Jihad’s Message To Christians In Nigeria.

Muslims Massacre Christians In Nigeria


Christians in India Continue to Suffer Persecution

Though India’s constitution provides full religious freedom of worship and witness for all religions, there remains opposition. The rise of Hindutva extremism — “India is Hindu only” — resulted in a hate campaign against Muslims in the early 1990s and against Christians in the late 1990s, as followers of “foreign” religions. Because large numbers of Dalit groups (those having no caste) have turned away from Hinduism embraced Christianity, anti-conversion laws were passed in several of India’s state to “protect” India’s masses from being converted by fraudulent means. In reality, this law is merely a means of control, keeping the caste social order intact by Hindu extremists. Currently, six states have anti-conversion laws. Degrees of persecution depend on the strength of Hindutva groups from one state to the next.

Persecution of Christians is most intense in Orissa state. After a prominent Hindu swami was murdered in 2008 (most likely by Maoist guerrillas), Hindu extremists responded by venting their wrath against Christians. More than 120 Christians were murdered, hundreds of churches destroyed and around 52,000 Christians displaced from their homes. Harsh anti-conversion regulations have done little to placate Hindu extremists. In many districts, some threat remains for Christians to reconvert to Hinduism: leave their village or face death.

Orissa – Persecution of Christians in India

Massacre of Christians in India. –  ”Warning,Graphic”

Hindu Attacks on Christians in India.”Warning,Graphic”


There are literally hundreds of such videos and images on YouTube and the internet ,far to many to record here !

The countries above are only a small selection of the nations that show little or no regard for the rights of Christians throughout the world.

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